Times of Texas was established in April of 2010 in Austin, to seek accountability for the leadership of Texas.  By utilizing innovation and technology we believe a hunger for learning and a quality education can be attained by all Texans.  Our vision is to create awareness and participation in the process, leading to economic growth and prosperity for our children, and the many generations to come.

Join us now as our initiative is spreading across the US.

Our contributing staff is composed of reporters, researchers, students, teachers, business people – all critical thinkers who are passionate about learning and making Texas and America a better place.

If you are interested in becoming a journalist for this site, please contact Mr. Sterling at romansterling@gmail.com.

Partner sites:

Partner and affiliate content sites are coming soon to cities around the country.


Please contact Mr. Sterling at romansterling@gmail.com


We will not sell your name or email address to any third party advertisers without your permission.

General Inquiries:

Mr. Roman Jay Sterling – romansterling@gmail.com

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